The Beatles: Apple vs. Apple

A quanto sembra Paul e Ringo (o forse i loro legali) tornano a prendersela con Steve anziché prendere la strada della promozione incrociata:

The Beatles 'gearing up for a fight' with Apple
Fox News reports that the Beatles may soon take legal action against Apple over the iTunes Music Store… [MacMinute]

Naturalmente occorre sempre leggersi le fonti e dall'articolo di Fox News si impara che siamo ancora molto sul rumor e sul si dice che:

Nick Valner, the Beatles' attorney at Eversheds, was away and did not return calls this week. But Apple Corps, which operates in secrecy (its number is unlisted and no one's allowed to give it out), I am told, has been “in meetings” as the Apple Computer story progresses in the newspapers.

Inoltre, come io ho sempre pensato, il catalogo dei Beatles è sempre stato gelosamente preservato dalle nuove ondate di pubblicazioni e dalle compilation o raccolte a fascicoli settimanali. Infatti si trovano sempre solo le ri-ri-ri-ri-stampe dei primi pezzi come Silver Beatles e Tony Sheridan:

Of course, the Beatles aren't part of any legal downloading service. They have always been wary of new technology as it affects royalties. For example, they didn't issue CD's until 1987, five years after the format debuted in North America.


Another Beatles barrister told me: “There can't be any digital distribution without Apple's consent. And so far it hasn't happened. Neil Aspinall [who runs Apple Corps] has done a wonderful job keeping the group off the Internet and not included in things like Greatest Hits of the Sixties. He's made it exclusive.”

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