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Un bel post di Chuq a proposito delle speculazioni di noi Mac-maniaci:

smart mobs picks up on this… as if it's something. Apple owns the domain “” and speculates. hint: Apple owns a lot of domains, for things it does, things it might do, things it thought about doing, things that might have tied into some marketing promotion in singapore five years ago that might come in handy some day, and things just to confuse people and create idle speculation. Might as well speculate as to why points to the Apple web page. Oh, I know, it's the new golden retriever iPod jacket from LL Bean! second hint: if Apple… [Teal Sunglasses]

Che Apple si interessi ai telefonini è ormai noto, ma che si interessi ai mammiferi e che MacOSRumors ci fantastichi pure sopra non lo sapevo (leggete nei commenti del post)

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