l'iPod dietro lo switch dei MacIntel

Un cambio di focus, uno spostamento di baricentro e' la tesi dei questo interessante articolo di Ars Tecnica:

Inside the big switch: the iPod and the future of Apple Computer : Page 1: “The cold, hard reality here is that the Mac is Apple's past and the iPod is Apple's future, in the same way that the 'PC' is the industry's past and the post-PC gadget is industry's future. This transition mirrors the industry's previous transition/expansion from the mainframe to the networked commodity PC—a transition that is still ongoing in some sectors of the market. Of course the PC will stick around, but as the hub of a growing and increasingly profitable constellation of post-PC gadgets. It's a shame that Steve Jobs can't be upfront with his user base about that fact, because, frankly, I think the Mac community would understand. The iPod and what it represents—an elegant, intuitively useful, and widely appealing expression of everything that Moore's Curves promise but so rarely deliver—is the 'Macintosh' of the new millennium. There was no need to put on a dog and pony show about how IBM has dropped the performance ball, when what Jobs is really doing is shifting the focus of Apple from a PC-era 'performance' paradigm to a post-PC-era 'features and functionality' paradigm.”

(Via Ars Technica.)

alla luce del quale prende significato il piccolo ritocco nello spot 1984 che Apple ha fatto all'inizio del suo ventennale: la lanciatrice di martello aveva alla cintura un bell'iPod.

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