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Apple Takes a Step Back With iMovie ’08 – Pogue’s Posts – Technology – New York Times Blog:

IMovie ‘08, on the other hand, has been totally misnamed. It’s not iMovie at all. In fact, it’s nothing like its predecessor and contains none of the same code or design. It’s designed for an utterly different task, and a lot of people are screaming bloody murder.

(Via Pogue’s Posts.)

Credo che la consueta recensione per Applicando sarà più pepata del solito…

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  1. I switched to iMovie 08 and cannot figure out how to use it. 06 version was much more user friendly. How do I use slow motion feature for video clips?

  2. iMovie 08 is a completely new application. It is not an upgrade of iMovie HD. Many features have disappeared to gain ease and speed of use.

    iLife 08 istaller leaves the previous iMovie HD package untouched. You can still use it alongside of iMovie 08.

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