Daily time for blogging [en]

The problem of daily time devote to weblogging is finally exploded not only in my mind:

This way, effective blogging becomes impossible. Reading other weblogs, news feeds and websites takes time. Re-thinking about all those things, trying to elaborate something innovative, interesting, useful to the readers or at least worth of consideration takes time. Blogging needs those tasks, blogging needs time. In particular, reading becomes more and more time-consuming as I find new, interesting weblogs around. Wealth of information is often my problem.


It reminds me of a similar survey about how much time one spent on reading usenet newsgroups some years ago. I used to read regularly it.fan.starwars one year before Episode I release. I had to stop reading after release for excessive number of non useful posts (both hype and bash) and move to a private medium/low traffic mailing-list.

In the Blogosphere the problem is harder because usually one finds in a single blog more interesting posts containing more links an pointers to interesting readings than one may find on a bunch of newsgroup that usually sports many non-interesting posts to be easily mark read.

In other words: in newsgroups world there is a lower signal-to-noise ratio that can be managed with newsreading tools like killer lists and filters. In the Blogosphere there are much more smaller number of articles but each of it deserving a longer time to read, meditate and follow linked readings.

This is surely time-consuming but this is primarily brain-consuming: one cannot blog without concentrating while one can newsread by simply pressing delete or mark read keystroke. 🙂

Tightly related to the time/brain consume problem is the quality and quantity of content problem, as I mentioned in “Weblogs, power laws and content [en]”: weblogs that simply relaunch other site's news are not so interesting and lower the signal-to-noise ratio. Weblogs that carefully choose one or two subjects per day and post their thoughtful comments are a great resource, at least IMHO 🙂

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