La classe non è Aqua


13 anni fa Mac OS X Public Beta: cursori caramellosi e strisce di sfondo ci fecero prima stupire poi stufare. Con l’evoluzione di OS X l’interfaccia migliorò moltissimo. Oggi le nuove icone piatte di IOS 7 fanno lo stesso effetto e promettono un futuro analogo.

Il punto di vista di uno sviluppatore. Via DF.

But with major user interface changes such as Aqua or iOS 7, Apple has another tendency: they overshoot the mark. Their incremental approach then becomes one where unnecessary items are removed (such as Aqua’s stripes) or improved (excessive shadows and transparency are toned down.)

There’s a good reason for this: it’s much easier to take away elements from a design than it is to add them. Simplicity is achieved by removing that which is not really needed.

One parallel with iOS 7 and Aqua that I don’t expect to see: an evolution that takes over a decade. There are a couple of reasons for this.

(Via · Been There, Done That.)

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